What's tatcraft & what is it good for?

Tatcraft is a quite large, 1,700 sqm workshop, that combines most crafts, such as metal working, wood working, textile fabrication, cnc, waterjet cutting, 3D printing, laser cutting & a lot more, needed by creators from various fields of expertise. At Tatcraft designers, artists, statups', SMEs and other interesting characters meet, cooperate and share manufacturing resources.


tatcraft builds a community for creators

tatcraft provides space to create, craft, tinker & manufacture

 Rapid prototyping 100 sqm

Rapid prototyping
100 sqm

 Metal shop 130 sqm

Metal shop
130 sqm

 Wood Shop 130 sqm

Wood Shop
130 sqm

 Auditorium 150 sqm

150 sqm

 Textile shop 40 sqm

Textile shop
40 sqm

 Twitching area 50 sqm

Twitching area
50 sqm

 Welding shop 30 sqm

Welding shop
30 sqm

 DIY Store 60 sqm

DIY Store
60 sqm

 conference rooms 60 sqm

conference rooms
60 sqm

 co-working area 

co-working area 

 paint shop 40 sqm

paint shop
40 sqm

 storage area 180 sqm

storage area
180 sqm


tatcraft provides all tools needed by creators


wood shop

powered by Felder

CNC-Machining Centre (16. Juli)
Drill press
Bench drill
Single spindle vertical molding
Belt sander / Disc type sander
Vertical panel saw
Edge polishing machine
Sliding table panel saw
Mechanical fret saw
Band Saw 

Metall shop

powered by Stürmer Maschinen

CNC milling machine (late summer)
Turning lathe
Universal milling machine
Tool grinding machine
All-purpose bending machine
Round bending machine
Swing folding bending machine
Belt Sander
Band saw
Single spindle vertical molding
Plate shear

Welding Shop

powered by Lorch

Mig/Mag Welding machines
WIG - welding
Plasmas cutter  

Rapid Prototyping

powered by Flow Waterjet & BigRep

Flow Waterjet
BigRep One
Various laser cutters (Juli)
Desktop Workspace


powered by Milwaukee

50+ Power tools
Work benches
Compressed air
Crane runway
Fork lift
Pallet truck

Paint shop (JulY)

Powder coating
Painting equipment (Juli)


Sewing Machine
Embroidery Machine (coming!)
Silk screen printing (Mid July)
Cutting plotter (Mid July)

wrench monkey Shop

Bike lifting ramp
Bicycle repair shop